A screenshot from Aveyond 1 saying 'Welcome to Aveyond!' with '.neocities.org' tacked on at the bottom.

Hi all! My name is Iz, and this is my fansite for the Aveyond series of RPG Maker games by Aveyond Studios (previously Amaranth Games). I'm a long time fan of the series and have joked for years that I'm a "living Aveyond wiki", so I decided to put my obsession to good use and compile information and resources about the games in one space.


Alt Link: RPG Maker Webring



My site button; a green willow tree with the text Aveyond over it.


A lavender colored button that says iztopher. Next to the text is an icon of me, a white person with long brown hair wearing purple armor, surrounded by lavender sprigs. A bright blue button that says Silvally Plushie on it, next to a drawing of a plush version of the Pokemon Silvally. A green and purple button that says THE GHOST ZONE. A dark textured image that says Vampires of Interest in red text. Two yellow peeps labeled Peeps Pocket A green and black button of a smirking, horned figure next to the letters TOH A vibrant blue button with rounded corners featuring a glowing golden gem. White text says Crystal Caverns.


Two yellow peeps labeled Peeps Pocket